Paw Protect – Protective Dog Balm 100ml

Paw Protect – Protective Dog Balm 100ml

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Paw Protect – Protective Dog Balm 100ml

 ✓ 100% Organic

✓ Medical Standard

✓ Antibacterial, Antimicrobial

✓ Paw and Pad Sanitiser

✓ Paw, Skin and Nose Balm

✓ Combats Environmental Contaminants and Pathogens

✓ Antiseptic, Relieves Pain

✓ Promotes Fast Healing

✓ Moisturising and Soothing

✓ Helps Calm Itchy & Irritated Paws

✓ Relieves Dry and Cracked Paws

✓ Easy To Apply

✓ On the go protection

✓ Lick Safe

✓ Made In The UK


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“I love how organic it is and knowing there’s nothing bad in the ingredients”.

What’s in Our Protective Balm:

Aqua, Organic Syrup, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Sugars, Nano (natural blending emulsifiers), Proprietary plant based organic solution.


Dog Paw Protective Balm:

All of our Paw Protect products are 100% Organic and are Medical Standard, meaning they combat 99.9998% of all germs.

Our Paw Balm is antiseptic, having been developed to promote the fast healing of any cuts, grazes, lesions and scratches sustained from being out an about, without stinging the animal.

Our protective dog paw treatments also help to heal dry and cracked paws and injured pads.

The Paw Balm helps to both soothe and moisturise, working especially well after the animal has been in contact with hot concrete and abrasive pavements in the warmer weather, and grit and ice in the colder seasons. The perfect after walk paw treatment, all year round.

The application method of massaging the Paw Balm into the animals paws helps promote a closer bond.

Our Paw Balm is lick safe so will not harm your pet if licked and ingested.

All Paw Protect products are suitable for use on young and older pets.

Will not sting your pet. Paw Protect Balm will not stain or effect household or vehicle furnishings.

Paw Protect Balm is safe to use around children.

Suitable for Dogs, Cats & Rabbits.

Paw Protect products have been formulated and made in the UK.

Our products do not contain animal components, and are not tested on animals.

Directions for use:

Wipe excess mud and grime from paws.

Apply Paw Protect Balm between claws and on foot pads (use sparingly). Apply Paw Protect Balm on and below the wrist and hock of pets legs.

No need to wipe off, just leave and the Balm becomes invisible. Lick safe.

Can be applied directly to cuts, lesions and grazes.