Specialised Knowledge of Organic Products.

Paw Protect was founded in Bath, with our manufacturing and laboratory facilities based  in Somerset. The name Paw Protect holistically encompasses our broader ethos and intention, that of creating an evolving range of advanced organic, eco-friendly, all natural products aimed at protecting all aspects of our pawed companions health and environment. Our refined and specialist knowledge of organic products for the canine and feline sectors, has enabled us to create formulations not seen anywhere else. Our patented anti-viral bactericide is certified Medical Log 6, passes EN14476 European anti-virus tests, and no bleach, alcohol, solvents, petroleum or animal derivatives are used.

Combating environmental  contaminants and pathogens. Evolving products to keep our companions healthy.

Our existing Paw Protect products cover a variety of uses, which include the following; An advanced broad spectrum, Multi-Action Shampoo and skin cleaner, which is suitable for all coat types, colour of coat, ages and breeds. Our Ear Sanitiser can be used if your companion develops an infection, or as a preventative measure to keep their ears healthy and clean. The Protective Balm is effective for treating wounds anywhere on the animal, and to assist in effective sanitation of paws after walks. The Protective Spray & Soak is used to disinfect, clean and sanitise paws after walks, and can be used to help heal wounds on the animal, such as hot spots. 

Options to reduce waste through recyclable packaging, and large format containers for refillable products. Working with individuals, and businesses alike.

As part of our remit to reduce environmental waste, our single use product containers are recyclable; and we supply larger format containers of all our products (2.5 litres, 5 litres, 20 litres, 200 litres, 600 litres, and 1000 litres) for outlets and businesses who wish to stock our products in a refillable format. These refills operate on a circular basis, so once finished the containers are returned to be replenished. #ecostore #sustainableproducts #zerowaste #eco-friendly #plantbased #pawprotect #pawprotectuk

Paw Protect Eco refills

Bespoke Organic Formulation, Manufacture and Distribution.

At Paw Protect we actively facilitate a ‘white label’ or ‘private label’ option for those who desire to expand their businesses or own-brand in a new more diverse direction. In this we work with individuals, independent retail and small to large size businesses enabling a complete formulation, manufacturing and distribution solution.  Minimum order quantities can apply depending on product, we also facilitate a Dropshipping service. So, if you have a product requirement you wish to bring to market, or an idea you want to explore, we can help so please do get in touch.  Call us on 01225 667141 or email sales@pawprotect.co.uk

Who is the Dog on the Paw Protect Labels?

Nina is her name, she is a White German Shepherd. She arrived in our family on the 27th December 2016, our daughters chose her name. She has just turned 4 years old, and is loving life! A few early pics below, along with Mum (sable) and Dad (white).

Paw Protect Nina Arrival

Paw Protect Nina in forest

Paw Protect Nina mucky pup

Paw Protect Nina spring time

Paw Protect Nina mum

Paw Protect Nina dad