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100% Organic | Medical Standard | Pet Care Products

Multi-Action Shampoo | Protective Balm | Protective Spray

We all love our pets and companions, and can agree their health and well-being is paramount. Exploration of the wild and outdoors is a part of everyday life, and so is their potential exposure to harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, diseases, commercial pesticides and poisons. All of which can be unknown and unseen, until it’s too late. Our Paw Protect products have been researched and developed with specialist and refined knowledge, ensuring all active components in our products are 100% Organic and a Medical Standard is always achieved.

The Ultimate Broad Spectrum Organic Dog Shampoo & Skin Cleaner For All Breeds

Our Ultimate Broad Spectrum Organic Dog Shampoo and Skin Cleaner is suitable for all breeds, ages and sizes of animal. It has been developed as a multi-action shampoo, which combats parasitic pests, viruses and bacteria, addresses the source of itchiness, deodorises and promotes a healthy skin and coat.

Paw Protect Shampoo - NIna & Shampoo Bottle

Multi-Action Shampoo and Skin Cleaner, Combating Parasites, Viruses and Bacteria, Alleviating Itchy Skin and Promoting a Healthy Skin & Coat

Healthy Dog, Happy Dog

Paw Protect - Higgins
HIggins back in his garden after enjoying a walk and application of Paw Protect protective balm, to keep those paws healthy and protected all year long.

Paw Protect – Protective Balm and Spray – 100% Organic, Medical Standard, Fast Acting and Effective Sanitisation

Our Balm and Spray products work as an effective and fast acting Paw, Pad, Nose and Skin Sanitiser, for all ages, sizes and breeds of pawed animal. The regular use of which reduces our companions’ risk of contracting anything whilst being out in nature.

Paw Protect Spray and Balm

As an antiseptic our Paw Protect Balm and Spray products assist in pain relief while simultaneously sterilising cuts, lesions and grazes on the animal’s paws, and elsewhere once applied, so in turn promoting faster healing and helping to soothe and moisturise.

Fresh Air, Exploration and Excitement. Perfect.

Can’t beat and early morning walk, they love exploring outdoors

All Paw Protect products meet with BS EN standards, therefore your Pawed Companion is safe with us. Our products do not contain animal components and have not been tested on animals.