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Organic Dog Paw Balm

Organic Dog Paw, Pad, Nose, Skin and Wound Balm.

Imagine walking around all day, every day barefoot, would you consider taking precaution against catching a potential infection? If you cut yourself, would you consider using an antibacterial cream? Our Medical Standard, Organic Protective Balm and Pad Sanitiser has been developed for that very reason, to help provide protection for our companions against the unknown and the unseen in the environment. Whether that is an injury to their paws, pads, nose or a cut on their ear.

In the case of Dogs their paws are consistently in contact with the ground and therefore the potential exposure to all kinds of environmental undesirables, from harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, nasty diseases, commercial pesticides and poisons is high. Taking proactive steps to ensure paws are kept in good health is not too much to ask.

Paw Protect organic dog paw balm

So how can you actively care for your dog or pawed pets paws?

An effective after walk paw treatment is a great place to start. Let’s look at our canine friends, they walk with us, they work with us and in many cases are used daily by professional organisations all over. Some of these jobs are mucky, and those paws deserve a soothing, restorative and germ combating solution once the work is done.

Dogs paws and pads can accrue scratches, cuts and become dry and crack, this obviously opens the animal up to the potential of real discomfort. Our antiseptic dog paw and pad sanitising treatment promotes fast healing without stinging, so that those paws can get back to being healthy and active faster. A hurt nose can equally cause discomfort, applying the protective balm can aid in recovering faster.

The variable weather seen across the UK means that over the seasons, we get lots of sun (hopefully), rain, frost, ice, snow etc. Exposing those precious paws to hot concrete pavements, freezing cold grass and mud, means a paw treatment to fundamentally protect against environmental contaminants and pathogens, whilst also being soothing and moisturising all year round is not unreasonable.

Our Dog Paw Balm does just that, being of a medical standard, it combats environmental pathogens, yeast and fungi, whatever the weather those paws encounter throughout the year.

Paw Protect Dog Paw Balm

How is it best to apply your Dog Paw Protection Balm?

To use the balm as an after walk paw care treatment, once the excess grime and dirt has been cleaned and brushed off, the protective Dog Paw Balm can then be applied directly to the pads, in between the toes and around the claws. The act of massaging those paws can be calming and soothing for your companion, increasing your bond with them even further.

Our 100% Organic Paw Balm is medical standard and has been developed to assist in protecting all canine paws. It can be used to help heal cracked noses, heal damaged skin and wounds too. It’s quick and easy to apply and can be used wherever and whenever it’s needed most. Our Dog Paw Balm has been independently tested in accordance with BS EN standards, therefore your Pawed Companion is safe with us. Certification is available on request.

Furthermore our Dog Paw Balm is lick safe, so if your pet ingests once it’s been applied, no harm will be done, so peace of mind is assured. The Dog Paw Protection Balm is suitable for all ages too, from puppies to senior dogs. No restrictions. Paw Protect Balm has been formulated and is made in the UK.

If you have any further questions or queries about our Pad, Skin, Nose and Dog Paw sanitising balm, be sure to check out our FAQ, or drop us an email at sales@pawprotect.co.uk and remember, Healthy Paws are Happy Paws.