Organic Dog Shampoo | Advanced Formulation | UK Made

Multi-Action Organic Dog Shampoo and Skin Cleaner

Our all natural, plant based dog shampoo has been formulated from a specialist, refined knowledge of organics, for our canine companions. To ensure quality of our dog shampoo, only premium organic and Eco-friendly components have been used. The result is an all natural dog shampoo which meets medical standards, and assists in combating harmful environmental contaminants and pathogens which our pets can come into contact with.

Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Dog Shampoo

Our advanced formulation ensures that the organic dog shampoo combats bacteria, nasty microbes, yeast and fungi, fleas and parasites, whilst all the time being suitable for dogs with a sensitive skin, dogs with an allergy, and those dogs who may suffer from dry and itchy skin conditions.


pH Balanced formulation, Cleans and Soothes Minor Wounds

Canine skin isn’t the same as ours, so we believe it is very important to ensure a dog shampoo has the specific ph level required to suit. As our antibacterial dog shampoo assists in gently cleaning the skin, the shampoo formulation properties also ensure help with cleansing and soothing minor grazes, cuts and wounds on the animal. Helping to treat and help heal what may not be initially obvious to the naked eye.

Suitable for all Ages, Sizes Breeds, all Coat Types and Colours

Whether a puppy or an adult, a senior, big or small, long haired or short, black, brown, white or anything in between, Paw Protect dog shampoo is universally suitable. Our broad spectrum, unique dog shampoo means that as they age, the same shampoo can still be used. If part of a multi-breed pack or family then all companions can be bathed without having to purchase needlessly ‘specific’ dog shampoo for individuals.

Dog Paw Balm | Paw Protect | Perfect for Puppies

Concentrated Dog Shampoo, Get More from Your Purchase

The directions for use of our organic dog shampoo, state that the product be diluted for use as deemed applicable. A 4.1 ratio use is common, meaning that 1000ml (1 litre) will provide approximately 5/5.5 litres of usable dog shampoo. Meaning that your purchase goes further for you.

Organic Dog Shampoo Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre and 5 litre Options

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