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We all love our pets and companions, and no doubt agree their health and well-being is paramount.
Their exploration of the wild and outdoors is a part of everyday life, but so is their potential exposure to harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, diseases, commercial pesticides and poisons.

Formulated from specialist, refined knowledge of organics, for the canine and feline sectors, our eco-friendly Paw Protect products meet medical standards and combat environmental contaminants and pathogens. For further information please click here.

Our Paw Protect products cover a variety of uses, which include the following; An advanced broad spectrum, Multi-Action Shampoo and skin cleaner, which is suitable for all coat types, colour of coat, ages and breeds. Our Ear Sanitiser can be used if your companion develops an infection, or as a preventative measure to keep their ears healthy and clean. The Protective Balm is effective for treating wounds anywhere on the animal, and to assist in effective sanitation of paws after walks. The dedicated Paw Soak and Protective Spray & Soak are used to clean and sanitise paws after walks, and can be used to help heal wounds also.

All Paw Protect products meet with BS EN standards and have been independently tested, therefore your Pawed Companion is safe with us!

Consciously and Lovingly made in the UK.

Suitable for all ages, sizes and breeds.


Free delivery on all UK orders

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Showing 1–12 of 13 results