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Dog Paw and Skin Cleaners, perfect for effective after walk (and adventure) care

Our companions paws can need a good clean every once in a while, or for many that means after every walk! Depending on the environment they’ve been exposed to, our dogs paws can come into contact with all manner of muck and mess, some of which has the potential to cause real harm and damage if left unnoticed and untreated. Yeast and fungal infections cause discomfort and stress, for them and us.

Paw Protect Spray and Balm

Antibacterial paw and wound treatments, for on the go, after walk protection and peace of mind

Our unique and specially formulated products for effective paw cleaning and sanitising are our Paw Protect Dog Paw Soak, Protective Dog Spray & Soak, and our Protective Dog Balm. The Dog Paw Soak solution is added to warm water in a bowl, so that paws can then be dipped and washed, to help ensure nothing nasty remains on the paws, and in between the claws. We regularly wash our own hands when they’ve been in contact with something dirty and as part of a normal hygiene routine, so why wouldn’t you want to keep your companions paws in the best condition also?

Paw Protect Balm - Curious Customer

pH Balanced organic formulation, combating environmental contaminants and pathogens

The Protective Dog Spray & Soak has been designed to offer the choice between direct delivery, via the spray action, to our companions paws, legs and anywhere on the body which may need some effective antibacterial treatment. And equally as with the Dog Paw Soak, the spray solution can easily be decanted and added to a bowl of warm water to assist as an after walk cleansing paw dip. Dogs that suffer with skin conditions and hot spots can benefit greatly from having the solution applied directly and regularly; to assist in healing and reducing discomfort. Our protective balm is used directly on the animal where it is required, whether it is the paws, nose, ears or anywhere else on the body, as it is a small 100ml bottle, it can easily be kept in a bag or pocket when out and about.

Blue Bells Paw Protect Spray

Our Dog Paw and Skin Sanitisers are suitable for all ages and breeds

Our products contain only the finest organic components, and have been formulated and manufactured in the UK, through years of expert knowledge and a refined process; ensuring efficiency and protection for our pets. Whether being kept in the car, or in the house for when returning home, our organic dog paw cleaners, and wound disinfectants are there to keep our companions healthy and happy! If you require any further information please get in contact with us at

Healthy, happy paws
Healthy Paws are Happy Paws!
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