Organic Hand & Skin Sanitisers

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Organic Hand and Skin Sanitisers

All Bespoke Organic Solutions (BOS) products are 100% Organic and have been formulated to a Medical Standard, functioning as an anti-bacterial sanitiser combating 99.9998% of bacteria and germs. Regular use of anti-bacterial hand sanitiser balm or gel can be effective in combating bacteria and environmental contaminants. An on the go hand and skin disinfectant.

Fast and Effective Antiseptic Hand Cleaner

These all natural Hand Sanitisers are an effective antiseptic, having been developed to promote the fast healing of any cuts, grazes, lesions and scratches which appear on the skin. In conjunction the formulation assists in the effective healing of dry and compromised skin.

Hand Sanitisers Suitable for Sensitive Skin Types

BOS products are suitable for sensitive skin types; being alcohol free, they will not needlessly dry the skin, and cause further discomfort from prolonged use. Neither the Hand Sanitiser Balm or Gel formulations will stain or effect clothing, household or vehicle furnishings.

Manufacturer of Skin Sanitisers, Made In The UK

These products are available to be purchased in volume if required, lead times vary depending on quantity and location. Boxes of 40 100ml bottles can be provided, unit prices are reduced on bulk orders between 5000, and 10000 units. 5 litre containers of Hand Sanitizer Balm and Gel are also available, for businesses within a high usage environment. Bespoke Organic Solutions also offer an own brand and private label option for customers and businesses wanting to add to their existing product lines and listings. For further information email and visit

BOS products are expertly and consciously formulated, and manufactured in the UK, they do not contain animal components, and are not tested on animals.

Advanced Bespoke Organic Solutions Hand Sanitiser Balms and Gels are;

✓ 100% Organic
✓ Medical Standard
✓ Antibacterial and Antimicrobial
✓ Complete Skin Sanitiser
✓ Combats Environmental Contaminants and Pathogens
✓ Antiseptic
✓ Promotes Fast Healing
✓ Wound and Skin Care
✓ Moisturising and Soothing
✓ Quick To Apply
✓ On the go protection
✓ Made In The UK
✓ Eco-Friendly
✓ 100% Recyclable Packaging
✓ Alcohol Free

Organic hand sanitizer gel and balm for the trade